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Happy Marketers Shine Brighter

This week is Act Happy Week. As it’s the first week of Spring, we can understand the significance of this. Happy customers and followers are the end goals to many, if not all marketers and business owners. If they are happy, it’s more likely they will SHOP. Today, we challenge you to post a “happy” …

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How to Monitor Your eCommerce Competitors

To be successful in ecommerce, you have to look at what your competitors are doing. That doesn’t mean you should steal their ideas, jump on their listings or anything unethical. You should, however, pay attention to what they’re posting on social, the type of engagement they’re getting, and more. Understanding your competitors goes beyond looking …

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The Power of Hashtags. The Power of Women.

Getting your voice heard and spreading the right messages have become more and more impactful with the use of hashtags. This week’s newsletter is dedicated to all the women who raise their voice and/or take action in their lives. March is International Women’s Month. This month we celebrate our mothers, sisters, daughters, etc…  We honor …

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Welcome to the New Version of PromoRepublic

Social Media in 2018 is all about new Facebook Algorithms, Rich-Media formats, and the impact of Artificial Intelligence. We started PromoRepublic back in 2014 to try and simplify Social Media Marketing for SMBs.  And now, it’s time to move forward. It is not only time to streamline our product for easy content scheduling and graphic …

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Life. Diversity. Freedom

This week we are celebrating Black History Month. It’s a time to recognize the heritage and accomplishments African-Americans have brought to the U.S. and the world. There are many important cultural and intellectual movements in Black history that have shaped America today. Honoring this time in history is significant as a business. Show your support …

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