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It’s Feeling a Lot Like Summer

You know summer is near when more and more long weekends appear on our calendar. This weekend is Victoria Day in Canada and next weekend is Memorial Day in the U.S. It’s time to capitalize on them. With long weekends comes parties, events and mini-trips. Your customers need things and services so remind them what …

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8 Crucial Things You Better Know About eCommerce Marketing – Tips from the Gurus

It can be difficult to know which marketing platforms and strategies can really move the needle for eCommerce professionals. Between learning how to build your brand for greater market penetration, figuring out the best social media channels for your products and increasing sales with your marketing efforts, it’s easy to get into information overload. We …

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May Laughs in Flowers

Gardening season is upon us. It goes hand in hand with renewal. With every new season, comes change. Create promotions that encourage revitalization. Highlight your products or services that will help your clients in bettering themselves. In the end, we are all seeking change in one form or the other. Whether you are selling gardening …

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Mom Is Wow Upside Down

Mother’s Day is already here. Two weeks is the opportune time to start pushing more of your campaigns for this lucrative holiday. It seems that every industry can benefit here. There are not many products or services that women don’t BUY! The goal here is to set out with a mission of pampering her so …

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Better Environment. Better Tomorrow

April is National Environment month with Earth Day, Arbor Day, Fish Migration Day and yes, Save the Frogs Day too. This year’s theme is designated to “Plastic Pollution”. By now we all know that plastic pollution is toxic to humans, wildlife and marine life. Did you know that 300 million tons of plastic are produced …

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Honoring the “Work Superhero”

Next week, we show our gratitude to all the administrative professionals/secretaries that countlessly save their bosses life day in and day out. They are the unspoken heroes of workforce. Show them the love by giving them the day off, but if you can’t live without them then offer them incentives. It’s all about going social …

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Engaging Posts are Worth a Thousand Words

It’s National Letter Writing and Poetry Month. Let your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages shine with compelling copy and appealing visuals too. They all go hand-in-hand these days. Keeping your potential client on your social media or website is a task in itself, so why not draw them in with clever words and/or emotional triggers. If you browse …

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Get Ready. Get Set. Tax Time!

Taxes are paid in the sweat of every man who labors – Franklin D. Roosevelt. And labor we do. Adding value to your follower’s lives does not only come in the form of sales. Advice and tips on how they can better their everyday finances are always welcome, trust us! Most of us work and …

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