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Black Friday Matters

And so does Cyber Monday and oh did you know there is also a Grey Thursday? The end of the month is paramount for every retailer out there. They are the ultimate kick start to every business’ sales events. Now is the time to take advantage of clearing out your inventory. The longer your products …

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Start November with “Movember”

Every November, men start growing their mustaches for a great cause – to fight cancer, more specifically prostate cancer. This is an ideal time for businesses to reach out to their male audience. Even if it’s just to inform them of this important event; it’s for a worthy cause. As usual, we love to think …

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Screen Sharing With Facebook Live

Great news! Facebook Live has added a screen sharing feature. Available on your computer, all you have to do is install an extension to your Chrome browser. This is an improvement over the other way of screen sharing on Facebook Live. Previously you had to use third-party Open Broadcaster software and it was more complicate …

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Eat Better. Eat Together.

We all know healthy eating makes for healthy minds which results in success in Love, Work & Play. Encouraging your followers to eat well will help them feel good and look good and YOU come out as a winner! This week we nosh on the benefits of eating better and eating together! Again, these are …

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