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Heal the Mind, Heal the Body

It’s both Emotional Wellness and Positive Attitude month. So this week we are sharing tips and tricks on how to fully embrace these emotions. WIth wellness comes happiness; with happy customers comes happy profits! Business aside, encouraging wellness for your followers can only bring a smile to their faces. At the end of the day, …

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Get More Treats for your Tweets

Halloween is upon us. Time to get your scare on! It’s all about bringing your customers together. Organise spook-tacular events in-store or indulge them with fang-tastic savings or just get festive with halloween decor in-store. Halloween is a fun holiday that appeals to everyone so take advantage of this frightful day with wicked templates from …

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How to Use Facebook Groups for Business

Why Should You Create Your Own Facebook Group Creating groups or communities around the products and services you sell makes members feel exclusive and provides an area where they can get additional help and training from you. Read this beginner’s guide: How to Run a Community on Facebook as an intro to this post. Facebook …

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